Twilio Client and the future of VOIP applications on iOS

Drew CrawfordNews

Twilio announced an API today that makes it dramatically easier than ever to build VOIP applications for iPhone and iPod Touch.

We’ve used Twilio as part of our PhoneTap application, as a component of a complex VOIP solution to enable phone call recording on iPhones (which are designed specifically to make call recording difficult for privacy reasons).  VOIP technology is incredibly powerful and flexible, allowing such advanced applications as PBXes, IVRs, call routing, call centers, voice chats, speech recognition, and other real-time audio applications.  Unfortunately, implementing VOIP technology correctly on iOS is traditionally very complex and it’s beyond the reach of most project budgets.

Twilio’s announcement today means that it just got much easier to design, build, and launch VOIP apps.  Many existing apps can now afford to add VOIP technology, and entire new categories of applications are now much more economical to build.  As a result of this announcement, we see VOIP technology as an area with enormous growth potential on iOS and because of our extensive experience with the Twilio service, we are in the unique position to quickly develop VOIP applications.

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