Don’t support iOS 4

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Many clients mistakenly believe that supporting previous versions of iOS software is important.  But almost universally, supporting iOS 4 and earlier is a bad investment. Most iOS users can upgrade Unlike other platforms where software updates are provided for very limited windows, Apple’s updates run on devices up to two years old. Apple works hard to make new versions of … Read More

iOS 5 announced for October 12th.

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Apple announced the public release of iOS5 on October 12th today. We have been testing iOS5 for several months now, and we are very excited about many of the new features: Twitter Integration & Game Center improvements – Integrated properly, this can make apps more discoverable which translates directly into improved app rankings and sales Newsstand – this is an … Read More

The high cost of simple

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When the iPhone was unveiled in 2007, it was a revolutionary device on many fronts, but chiefly because it was simple to use. But it’s not enough just to have the idea of producing a simple phone.  Everyone knew that phones were too complicated.  It was a different matter to actually build one.  This is what was so hard.  Simple … Read More

How much does an iPhone app cost? Part III

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In Part I, we introduced the different types of applications.  In Part II, we introduced the development team and gave some rough figures for how much each component costs.  Now, we’re going to play with the numbers. It should cost much less! Sometimes it does.  Certain applications may simply not need certain components.  Coke or McDonalds may not need a … Read More

How much does an iPhone app cost? Part I

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We get this question over and over.  Let’s walk through the numbers. App Types iPhone or iPad apps are not all alike.  You have several different kinds of applications. Each of these application types may require a slightly different skill set, have a different time and cost profile, and require developers with different expertise.  Counterintuitively, it can sometimes be a … Read More

iOS 4.2 Feature Spotlight: AirPlay


With Apple’s recent release of iOS 4.2, the new AirPlay feature was released. AirPlay is a convenient feature included in all iphones, ipads, and ipod touches. It allows those devices to stream various types of digital media wirelessly to an Apple TV, AirPlay enabled speakers, or an AirPort Express with connected speakers. One can simply select the desired device from … Read More