3-Second Placeholders

Placeholder Image Maker is the fastest, easiest way to create placeholder artwork for your Windows app, Mac app, Web app, or iOS/iPhone/iPad app. Just pick a size and some colors and drag it into your application! Nothing to configure, no more waiting for Photoshop to start up, no more dragging textboxes around.

Color Picker

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Set Custom Text

Set Custom Text


Awesome placeholders

Drag-N-Drop Export

Drag-N-Drop export

By Devs, For Devs

A lot of our time building apps is spent waiting for the art team to finally get us the artwork we need. Not anymore. Two clicks in Placeholder Image Maker and you're back to coding your application.

Every image is visually stamped with its sizing dimensions so the art guys know exactly what sizes and formats you need.

Placeholder Image Maker has hyper-live as-you-type previews and Native Cocoa Everything so you get back to your code editor faster than you can say Command-Tab.