iOS 4.2 release imminent

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Apple has released the iOS 4.2 GM build, which means iOS 4.2 public release is right around the corner. Probably just a few more days.

iOS 4.2 Readiness Checklist

New iOS 4.2 features

iOS 4.2 includes many new features, especially for iPad. Are your apps ready to take advantage of new iOS 4.2 features?

  • Multitasking on iPad.  While iPhone and iPod touch have enjoyed multitasking for some time, the iPad has been left out in the cold.  With the release of OS 4.2, iPad apps can run in the background and do multitasking.
  • AirPrint for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.  Soon, you will be able to print wirelessly right from your iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch app.  If your app creates user content (photos, documents, drawings) it’s important to add AirPrint support to your app right away so users can take advantage of this amazing technology.
  • AirPlay.  Now you can wirelessly stream videos and photos to other devices, including the Apple TV.  Make sure your users can enjoy content on all their devices, quickly and easily.
  • GameCenter for iPad.  Now iPad apps can benefit from Apple’s breakthrough GameCenter viral discovery system for games.  Add GameCenter support and watch your apps discoverability increase!


  • iOS 4.2 includes many changes, especially for iPad and Universal apps.  It’s important to test your app thoroughly against the OS 4.2 beta builds to make sure that the new OS doesn’t introduce crashes, or bugs into your app!
  • iOS 4.2 deprecates some existing APIs.  Does your app depend on any deprecated APIs?  These APIs may not receive future testing or may be removed from the OS at some point, so it’s important to move away from these as soon as possible.

iOS represents a pretty big change for many apps, and it’s important to keep your apps up to date with the latest features that customers expect and avoid potential compatibility pitfalls.  At DrewCrawfordApps, our professional developers can give you detailed app-specific information to avoid any potential upgrade pitfalls.  Contact us today for a detailed consultation.

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