Apple vs Android in the enterprise: Not even close

Drew CrawfordNews

Android has been making some gains lately in overall marketshare.  But AppleInsider has some fantastic charts today showing off the widening gap between Apple and Android in the enterprise:

It’s not even a fair fight.  Even the least-owned iOS device, the iPhone 3GS, beats the pants off the most popular Android device.  If you’re targeting enterprise users or business users and you’re developing an Android version, you’re throwing money away.

Things get even worse for Android when you consider operating system fragmentation.  Here’s the same chart that overlays the latest supported operating system for each device:

Writing a universal iOS application targeting iOS 5.0.1 is hands-down the best value in the mobile development world.  Targeting the single iOS 5.0.1 version gives you access to the vast majority of customers.  Targeting Android means targeting many different versions of the Android OS to gain only a tiny amount of additional marketshare.

Here’s a combined chart:

Notice anything strage?  Android Tablets in business are competitive with Bigfoot sightings.  If you are developing business software for an Android tablet, you need to stop immediately.  You’re better off just shredding your money.

This person is making a better investment than developing an Android tablet application