Announcing Placeholder Image Maker

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Austin developer DrewCrawfordApps LLC is pleased to announce the release of Placeholder Image Maker for Mac, a fast and easy way for developers and designers to create placeholder artwork for their projects in seconds.
Many application and web developers know the pain and frustration of waiting for the art team to finally deliver the artwork and long e-mail threads clarifying the necessary sizes and formats for artwork. This wastes developer and designer time and contributes to project delays.No more! Placeholder Image Maker is a lightweight, single-purpose tool that lets developers and designers create placeholder artwork in seconds. Simply choose a color and a size and your placeholder artwork can be saved to disk or dragged into your project.
Placeholder Image Maker’s UI is designed for maximum speed and efficiency, making lengthy Adobe Photoshop launch times a thing of the past. Every change you make is displayed live, with no need to confirm or cancel any settings. Drag-and-drop export into your favorite application makes creating, exporting, and using your placeholders a one-click operation.
All images are stamped with pixel sizes for clear communication to the art team about the size of each placeholder and where it will be used in the final product.
Placeholder Image Maker can match background and foreground colors via web hex, a system-wide color picker, RGB values, and many other convenient color entry methods.

  • Create placeholder artwork in seconds. Set a size, pick some colors. Done.
  • Drag-and-drop export into your favorite application.
  • Epic color pickers including RGB, CMYK, system palettes, a system-wide color picker/eye dropper, web hex, color wheels, and many more
  • Customize placeholder text
  • Pixel sizes stamped on all artwork for clear communication about final artwork sizes
  • Instant previews, no need to confirm any changes
  • No settings, nothing to configure, launches instantly

“We conceived, designed, and developed Placeholder Image Maker in less than 24 hours,” said Drew Crawford, Lead Developer, “including learning the Mac platform for the first time. It’s been an invaluable tool supporting our iOS app developers internally and we’re happy to make it available today to the development community at large.”
System Requirements:

  • Mac OS X 10.6.6 or later
  • Intel 64-bit processor

Placeholder Image Maker is available in the Mac App Store in the Developer Tools category for $0.99, or at this website.
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