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When Citygraphs needed an app that uses aerial maps to compute areas and distances, they turned to DrewCrawfordApps to deliver. We developed an advanced algorithm to produce fast and accurate area and linear distance calculations.

UScaleit+ is a very easy to use tool that produces distance and area estimates from the aerial images generated by Google Maps. This application produces results in a variety of different English and metric units. Area calculations can be presented in square feet, square yards, acres and square miles or square meters and square kilometers. Distance calculations can be presented in feet, yards and miles or meters and kilometers. The metric switch is available when the page curl icon is touched. The steps for using the application are as follows: enter a landmark, address or zip code for the location you are interested in, zoom and pan to a specific location, select either the distance or area calculation feature, touch the screen along a path or around an area and touch Done. The user can use a stylus for more accurate placement of points. Users can clear the screen at any time by shaking the device if a new path needs to be drawn or if a new calculation is desired.

uScaleit+ can help individuals and professionals with their distance and area estimating needs while they are on site. Walkers and bikers can estimate the length of their routes and golfers can estimate the distance for their next shot. Professionals in construction, engineering or property management will find this tool very helpful for calculating the area or frontage of a property. Roofing and paving contractors can produce estimates for roof tops and parking areas and conservationists can produce estimates for shorelines or bodies of water. The iPhone and the power of Google Maps now gives individuals and professionals a convenient and powerful tool for estimating distances and areas in the palm of their hand – anywhere in the world.

This application is for estimating purposes only and should not be used for exact quantities. The images produced by this application shall not be reproduced or distributed.