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After Citygraphs had trouble with an overseas software developer, DrewCrawfordApps stepped in to clean up the codebase and deliver a high-quality software application that the other vendor had failed to deliver.  We fixed dozens of errors and bugs in the application until we had a version that Citygraphs was proud to ship to its customers.

That delectable dish was just place before your eyes. Capture the moment with the ufoodieu app.

Touch the produce to create an entry. Photograph it, name it, assign it to a category and now save it to your own personal ufoodieu library. Then, dig in. Did it live up to your expectations? Open the ufoodieu app, touch the bowl and scroll to your entry. Now rate it and make comments. Then save or share your discovery via PDF file with friends, or the world via the ufoodieu website. This is a new way to share discoveries with other foodies!

What better way for those who frequently dine out or travel to record their latest culinary delight or disaster. Maybe you’re one of those creative cooks that just can not remember what you put into that killer dish. The ufoodieu app lets you save the image, name your creation and describe in detail how you achieved your masterpiece.

The ufoodieu app is easy to use and fun. Remember your discoveries and share them with others, like yourself, that enjoy fine food.