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Start accurately recording and visualizing your time with Time Study. What will you discover when your day is laid out in color charts and graphs?

Time Study is a powerful management app that allows you to easily collect data on how your time is spent, and then translate that data into helpful images. Create a “study” and fill it with all of your day’s activities. Each of those activities act like a stop watch button allowing you to accurately measure, down to the second, how long you spent. Time Study even has built-in buttons for common distractions, such as coffee and bathroom breaks, so you can get the most precise view of your day possible.

Other time management apps just work like a to do list, but Time Study doesn’t just carry you through the day, it helps you improve on the next. Perfect for freelance workers, students, coaches, engineers, managers and those working under time and materials. This app can help you stay on schedule and find the parts of your day that are eating up your time.

Features include:

• Create unlimited studies
• Fill each study with unlimited customized sctivities
• Measure, in minutes, seconds and hours how long you spent on an activity
• Easily pause or reset the clock and change from activity to activity
• Export your studies into data lists, bar and pie charts
• Email your charts and data
• Operate multiple time studies simultaneously

Bosses and Managers

Have your employees track their time and increase workplace transparency

If you charge by the hour, use this app to show clients what they are being billed for

Life Coaches and Business Coaches/Consultant

Help your clients get more out of life and see better results by using every bit of their time

Sports Coaches
Help your athletes track and improve their performances

Easily perform motion and time studies to increase productivity

Make sure your studying reflects the amount of time and credit you get for a class