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S-Recovery is an iPhone application to help addicts who struggle with sexual addiction.

Mobile Recovery Apps LLC originally developed the S-Recovery application through an overseas, outsourced contractor. Unfortunately, the original application was of such low quality that it frequently crashed, had numerous bugs and user interface inconsistencies, and customers were complaining. The application had to be completely scrapped.

“I figured that we would have to rebuild the whole app. It didn’t surprise me. We really do want a app that we could be proud of, and a developer that takes pride in his work and is excited about the project.” – Duane Osterlind, Mobile Recovery

Mobile Recovery chose DrewCrawfordApps to do a complete rewrite. We went back to the drawing board and built a brand new application that was true to the original design while adding numerous new features and functionality, fixing hundreds of bugs, and refreshing the user interface to be much more intuitive.

“Thank goodness for Drew. We had a really bad experience with our original high volume developer and Drew Crawford and his team were able to turn the whole app around. We are now proud to have S-Recovery in the app store.” – Duane Osterlind, Mobile Recovery

Is your life out of control? Have you tried to stop viewing pornography and failed? Do you feel like you are living a double-life? Have you hurt your loved ones again and again?

Now Your iPhone or iPod Touch Can Help Your Recovery. S-Recovery helps you recover from sex addiction or porn addiction.

It is a tool for your iPhone or iPod Touch that helps you organize your recovery and learn more about yourself.

We created the S-Recovery application so that you would have an added tool to help you live your life without addictive sex or pornography. What’s more, S-Recovery was created by two therapists who specialize in treating sex and porn addiction.

Why Use S-Recovery? With S-Recovery, you can…

  • Easily track your number of days in recovery, reminding yourself of your progress.
  • Set recovery goals for yourself that are easy to record and track.
  • Graphically see patterns and correlations between your healthy activities, your moods, emotions, and desire to engage in addictive or compulsive behavior.
  • Learn how healthy activities improve your mood and decrease triggers.
  • Set attainable goals.
  • Stay in recovery by reminding yourself why you are doing it and what you have to lose.
  • Allow technology to help with recovery, rather than making it more difficult.
  • Help protect your confidentiality with password protection.
  • Easily keep track of your recovery time and navigate to daily logs.
  • Rate your mood and emotions daily. Also rate your acting-out risk level.
  • S-Recovery’s Graph function enables you to see connections between your mood, emotions, and risk level over time.
  • Enter a picture of someone who inspires you to be in recovery. Also enter names, goals, ideas of other inspirations.

Take your recovery with you.
You are worth it.

Visit MobileRecoveryApps.com to learn more about S-Recovery.